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Their Al-Bayan piece was ambitious, but it appeared to work: It was downloaded without question almost 800 times, and it included information about ISIS losses on the battlefield, and the increasing number of ISIS fighters who were working as informants for Western governments, or outright defecting—topics official ISIS media outlets would never include.Another effort saw the group create the fake Al-Adnani news channel, which at its peak had some 500 members.The facts also revealed while it was evident from the communication logs the accused and the male exchanged a number of images, the material was not available."Accordingly there is no evidence that the images sent by the accused were of children in pornographic poses or activities," the statement said.Back then, ISIS could do whatever they wanted on Telegram, we wanted them to know we were going to fight them on there too.”As Twitter and Facebook began clamping down on extremist material, the encrypted messaging app Telegram became the group’s new hangout and means of distributing propaganda amongst its members across the globe.It all began with “infiltrating their Telegram channels” says Nada, “we spent months observing, and pretending to be ISIS members.

Telegram often served as a means of delivery, it allowed for proliferation of the group’s high-quality media output, everything from radio broadcasts and written statements to half-hour cinematic battle videos.New South Wales detectives started investigating Mc Cormack after a tip-off from the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team.They stopped him in his car at Moore Park in April, and shortly afterwards searched a unit in Alexandria and the A Current Affair (ACA) office in Willoughby where they seized computers, a mobile phone and electronic storage devices.Much of their work has a nuance and patience misunderstood even by counterterror experts on ISIS.“I’m not sure they would have understood what we were doing, so we had to be extremely careful with our security,” said Ahmed.

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