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Felix also had a grand singing voice, which in recent years was robbed from him by progressive Multiple Sclerosis.That did not stop Felix from coming to magic club meetings in his electric wheelchair.Only having Orlando down here would have completed the circle and would have made the day complete. (Antique Magician’s Assistant), also known as Blackstone’s “Elusive Moth,” will be a featured guest on Creativity At 2011.Until next time my friends, keep a dream in the making for you create your tomorrows by what you dream today. Come one, come all, you won’t want to miss this lecture. Adele traveled around the United States and Canada, by railroad train, with Harry Blackstone in the late 1940s, and has many stories about “how it was on the road with a major Magician” sixty plus years ago.” That’s about all at the moment, more blood tests coming up and trying to keep on top of the med bills that seem to multiply like rabbits!!!Thanks to all for all your thoughts prayers and emails.

We’re not talking about styles…those always change. Compare the sound created by any of today’s digital systems to the scratchy vinyl of your old uncle Fred’s Iron Butterfly album and you realize there really is no comparison. In short, he’s created “Platinum Butterfly.” SOURCE wistful ode to a now long-dead era, Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist is an animated film sure to both delight and frustrate fans who have spent years awaiting the return of the madman responsible for Belleville Rendez-Vous (aka The Triplets Of Belleville) back in 2003.

On a lighter note Aldo suggested I go get my hair done to cheer me up, he came to pick me up an hour later to find me still in the chair with GREEN!!!

yes GREEN highlites (apparently the powerful antibiotics in my system sent things a little weird).

(She made it to the show’s Top 10.) But after watching Tuesday night’s episode of the NBC talent show, we’ve got a new act to follow. SOURCE magician-stuns-audience-judges-americas-got-talent This is just a silly little story from today. He was always a gentleman and dressed impeccably whether performing or not.

It may not be that interesting to most people, but I know I’ll want to remember little things about the kids and what they did at different ages, so I like to write them down. Felix started out as a choir director for some very famous evangelists, Dr. For 25 years, he let the “Wonder Weekends”, going to churches around the country and abroad 40 weeks of the year.

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